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Leleel 450
* ATP ( Asynchronous Thermal Protection )
After system is turned off , all the fans ( PSU fans , case fans , CPU cooling fan ) keep working until system temperature drops under 45 °C
Prolong the life circle of your computer , prevent your PC from suffering the invisible damage caused by overheat
*Super Silent AUTO fan Control Funtion ( For case fans )
Provide 3 more fan connectors to control case fans and CPU cooling fan speed
Achieve optimum balance between fan noise reduction and necessary cooling
Keep noise level below 18dBA ( under 70% load of power supply )

*LED indicator (For Leleel 450 only)

LED indicators on the rear panel shows fan working status
The LED indicators show in green at the normal supply . When the temperature risks high, FAN 1 & FAN 2 LED indicators turn to orange . While the temperature reaches maximum supply limit , the FAN 1 & FAN 2 LED indicators stay in orange color accompany with buzzer warning . If FAN 1 or FAN 2 stops rotating and affect temperature too high , The FAN 1 or FAN 2 LED indicator turns to red with buzzer warning .

Power Consumption Color Display
1. When PSU is power on , at stand by mode; all the colors have a run in 20 seconds by the order of : red color blinks 3 times -> blue color stills -> violet color stills -> red color stills -> red color blinks 3 times
2. When PSU is working , LED color assists in indicating your PSU working load :

0 W : Red flashing
1-300W : Blue still
301-400W : Violet still
401-450W : Red still
450W above : Red with buzzer

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