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Product features
Aluminum structure, light and convenient for data in/out
Slim/Compact/Portable and easy installation for 3.5" HDD
Support Plug and Play with high performance transfer rate
Worry free for heat and radiation.

HDD connector (male) has to meet with the ATA Data connector on the PCB precisely !

1. Data Input 2. Power SW 3. DC Input
4. Rear cover 5. Aluminum Box 6. Front cover
7. Cushion pad 8. Screw 9. IDE HDD
10.Screws holes 11.Adjustable screw
connector (5V/12V Power)
12.ATA Data connector
13.Press button 14. LED( Green: power on, Orange blinking : HDD access.)

1. Loose the two screws(see No.8) from the rear plate.
2. Connect your HDD to the ATA data connector (see No.12).
3. Connect the Adjustable Power connector (5V/12V) to your HDD(see No.11). The screw on power inlet is adjustable. Adjust the Power connector left/right to meet the different HDD connector pitch. (see picture2) then tighten the screw again.
4. Use the enclosed screws to hold HDD on the tray.
5. Slide back the tray into the aluminum box and tighten the two screws on the rear plate (No.8).

Rear View:

A)Power SW B) USB Port C) DC Input D) 1394 Port

Connect to your PC
1. Link the data cable to connect ports of Travel box and PC.
2. If your device is USB type, use the USB data cable for connection. Or use the 1394(firewire) cable if your device is IEEE 1394(firewire) type.
3. Connect the DC 12V power.
4. Installation finish .

Power specs:
Input :100-240V/AC, 0.6A Output: 12V/DC, 1.7A
LED indication:
A) Power on: Green B) Access: Orange(blinking)
System requirement:
* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac 9.0 & higher.


* LED lit on but it does not work-
Check the I/O switch to see if the power is working normally .The standard current output is 12V. if other power adapter is applied, be sure to check the +/- current. When the power adapter is connected reversed, it can lead to data loss, breakdown and unexpected problems.

* Verify if the driver is installed properly, if the driver isn't installed completely , you have to remove the driver and then install it again .

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