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  •  .LED W 36W (9W*4)
  •  .Power consumption <40W
  •  .Luminous Flux 3000LM
  •  .2M Illumination) 350 lux @Center
  •  .Operation Voltage AC 110~240V 50/60Hz
  •  .Operation temperature -30 C ~ +50 C
  •  .Color temperature 3000K/6300K
  •  .Dimension 605*605*40mm
  •  .Weight <1.5Kg
  •  .Material of case ABS+Al+PS cover
  •  .Operation life 40000Hr

Assembly procedure:

  •  .Turn off AC power
  •  .connect the power line before put into frame
  •  .Turn the power on

Advantage of this LED light:

  •  .Saving the electricity, the luminance is high: Can reach general 80W firefly's mere lamps and lanterns (T8 or T5) Result.
  •  .LED light does not have infrared ray and ultraviolet composition, does not injure the human body and other animals and plants.
  •  .The light is steady and without glare, do not injure eyesight.
  •  .Have long performance life (greater than 20000Hr) ,Can save and change the cost that the light is in charge of and trouble changed.
  •  .Moisture silver, environmental protection is environment-friendly, cherish the earth and leave the later generation the space that descendants continued life forever.
  •  .LED is able to bear shaking not breaking.

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