How do you know the cooler is out of order?

Fan is the main cause the makes the cooler out of order. Generally you are not able to tell if it's OK since it's installed inside the case. Still, two ways are suggested here:

  1. Buy a cooler with alarm function.
  2. Buy the kind of mainboard with LDCM (Lan Desk Client Management) function. The alarm cooler would sound with the beeper when it senses the inside temperature is over than requirements it set. As for the kind of mainboard with LDCM would shows signs on screen about the case temperature, so you would know whether your cooler is still in function or not. Another method suggested here is when you encounter "continuous shut-down" that you are not able to find out any reasons, please immediately check if the cooler in your case is still in function.
  3. Choose the cooler with rotation speed detection to comply with mainboard also has the kind of function. You will see fan RPM and speed on screen and is alert whether it is still in operation.

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