Is a bigger cooler better at heat dissipation work?

Principally a bigger cooler can do better for thermal work, so it has better heat dissipation. But usually case space is limited and bigger cooler uses bigger fan which also creates more noise accordingly. Another factor is a bigger cooler is also heavier, so it might fall off during transportation. Or when your socket material is too weak to support this heavy cooler, it might fall off too. Big or not big, it's really a question to think about! Take Global Win's CPM25602-16 for example, it looks huge. Does it have above-mentioned disadvantages? As you know CPM25602-16 is number One in AMD K6 233MHz test (This CPU generates 28.3 Watt power), AMD set the standard that thermal resistance should not be higher than 0.5?C/W. CpM25602-16 is the only cooler that qualifies the standard. Also, it's a product designed for end users, so they won't encounter transportation problem like most system house, plus a rib under heatsink to avoid this cooler from sliding aside. Therefore, the CPM25602-16 is a fear-free design product. You don't need to worry about it.

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